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The Scary Connection Between Baby Powder and Ovarian Cancer

By Nov 8, 2018 Posted in Legal News

People across America are discovering the link between the use of talc-based powders, such as Johnson & Johnson’s® Baby Powder and Shower to Shower® body powder for women, and ovarian cancer.

For years, many women thought talcum powder was safe and would use it all over their bodies. While the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) considers cosmetic-grade talc safe, medical professionals have found that the use of talc around the genital areas significantly increases a woman’s chance of developing ovarian cancer.

Many women who have developed ovarian cancer because of talcum powder are taking companies to court for knowingly causing them harm.

Report: Johnson & Johnson Knew About the Risks


Johnson & Johnson, a company that specializes in safe products for women and children, reportedly knew about the dangers of talc-based powders for decades. According to internal records, the company knew the risks of talcum powder for the past 40 years, but never provided a warning label to customers or took steps to change their formula.

Thousands of women are speaking up and filing toxic substance lawsuits. They feel betrayed that Johnson & Johnson and other talcum-based baby powder companies, knew about the risks for almost half a century and did nothing. They claim the company placed profits over consumer safety and misled customers into thinking their products were safe when they were not.

The First Verdict: Johnson & Johnson Ordered to Pay $4.7 Billion to Talcum-Powder Victims

In July 2018, Johnson & Johnson was ordered to pay $4.69 billion to 22 women and their families who claimed the asbestos in talcum powder lead them to develop ovarian cancer. Of this settlement, $4.14 billion comes in the form of punitive damages to Johnson & Johnson for failing to warn women (and other customers) about the potential risks that come with using this powder. The remaining $550 million was added as compensatory damages for the plaintiffs.

Of the 22 women who brought this case to Johnson & Johnson, six have died. One woman was receiving chemotherapy treatment because of the talcum-caused ovarian cancer at the time of the trial and was unable to attend. The remaining women, along with friends and relatives, attended the trial, turning the proceedings into a deeply emotional event.

This case is only one of many that Johnson & Johnson is facing. There are more than 9,400 other lawsuits taking the company to court over the use of talcum powder. What many women considered a safe product actually contained cancer-causing elements that could affect them for the rest of their lives.

Were You Misled That Talcum Powder Was Safe? We Can Help

If you are one of the thousands of women who regularly used talc-based baby powder and now have ovarian cancer, contact us today. You may have a personal injury lawsuit. You could be compensated for your medical bills and more because of the harm caused to you because of companies like Johnson and Johnson.

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